Clarisse Renaldi, Former Queen of GenoviaEdit

The former Queen, Clarisse Renaldi, married into the royal family and was the wife of King Rupert Renaldi. King Rupert died, leaving his wife Clarisse as Queen. The Queen had two sons, the eldest son renounced his title to join the church, and the second named Phillipe, who died sadly in an accident. Clarisse is happily married to Joseph, former head of security.

King Phillipe Renaldi, May He Rest In PeaceEdit

Phillipe Renaldo was the son of Queen Clarisse, and tragically died in an accident before he could take the throne as Genovia's king. He has one daughter, Mia, now Queen.

Her Royal Highness Queen Amelia RenaldiEdit

Queen Amelia was a geeky teenager before she became known as Princess, now serving Queen, of Genovia. Her talent is writing. She has written and published one book. Amelia has a best friend named Lilly and a fat cat named Fat Louie. Amelia took princess lessons for the first five years of her royal life from her grandmother, and former Queen, Clarisse Renaldi, and is very content with her life. Amelia took the throne and is now reigning Queen of Genovia, along side her husband King Michael. Amelia is also known as Mia Thermopolis. Her maidens know about everything that goes on in the castle everyday, every second. She went on to have two children of her own, Prince Charles, aged 13, and Princess Sophia, aged 9.