The Republic of Genovia (French: République de Genovia, Sercian: Genovios Respublika) was officially known in Southern Genovia as the Sercian-Sponsored Republic of Genovia (French: Sercien République Sponsorisé de Genovia, Sercian: Sercios Respublikasi Sponsorita Genovios) and Collaborationist Republic of Genovia (French: République Collaborationniste de Genovia, Sercian: Genovios Respublikasi Kollaborazionista) are commonly referred as South Genovia (French: Sud Genovia or Sud Génovie, Sercian: Genovios Iiounas) was the puppet state of the Republic of Sercia during the Occupation of Southern Genovia by the Sercian Republics.

Viscount Arthur Mabrey is a former member of the Royal Genovian parliament was become to Independent Chairman of the Sercian-Sponsored and Collaborationist Republic of Genovia included Alexander Guillory was became again as the Deputy Chairman of the Sponsoring Collaborationist Republic. Lieutenant General Sergius Earlin Descoteaux is a former commander of the Royal Genovian Armed Forces was become to our Commanding General of the Republic of Genovia Armed Forces under the Sercian Republican Military Command.