National Revolutionary Front of the Liberation of South Genovia (Free Genovian Movement)

The Flag of the National Revolutionary Front of the Liberation of South Genovia (Free Genovian Resistance Movement)

The National Revolutionary Front of the Liberation of South Genovia (NRFLSG) (French: Front Révolutionnaire National de la Libération du Sud Genovia/FRNLSG) was officially known as the Free Genovian Resistance Movement (French: Mouvement de Résistance de Genovia de Libre/MRGL) was the guerrilla resistance movement, irregular freedom fighters and the regular military unit organization active in South Genovia under the Sponsoring Collaborationist Republic of Genovia and the Sercian Republic Occupation of Southern Genovia was around the occupied principalities during the Sercian-Genovian War and Genovian Civil War. The decisions are our helping aided and attached by the military forces of the Kingdom of Genovia and the Coalition military forces are that fought and defeated by the government of the Republic of Sercia and the Sercian-Sponsored Republic of Genovia was began the operated and combat missions are difference.

Guerrilla and Regular Units Edit

Irregular Division Edit

  • 1st Irregular Division
  • 2nd Irregular Division
  • 3rd Irregular Division
  • 4th Irregular Division
  • 5th Irregular Division
  • 6th Irregular Division
  • 7th Irregular Division
  • 8th Irregular Division
  • 9th Irregular Division
  • 10th Irregular Division
  • 11th Irregular Division
  • 12th Irregular Division
  • 13th Irregular Division
  • 14th Irregular Division
  • 15th Irregular Division

Militia Combat Division Edit

  • 100th Militia Combat Division
  • 105th Militia Combat Division
  • 110th Militia Combat Division
  • 115th Militia Combat Division
  • 120th Militia Combat Division
  • 125th Militia Combat Division
  • 130th Militia Combat Division
  • 135th Militia Combat Division
  • 140th Militia Combat Division
  • 145th Militia Combat Division
  • 150th Militia Combat Division

Guerrilla Resistance Division Edit

  • 10th Guerrilla Resistance Division
  • 15th Guerrilla Resistance Division
  • 20th Guerrilla Resistance Division
  • 25th Guerrilla Resistance Division
  • 30th Guerrilla Resistance Division
  • 35th Guerrilla Resistance Division
  • 40th Guerrilla Resistance Division
  • 45th Guerrilla Resistance Division
  • 50th Guerrilla Resistance Division

Route Field Army Edit

  • 1st Route Field Army
  • 2nd Route Field Army
  • 3rd Route Field Army
  • 4th Route Field Army
  • 5th Route Field Army
  • 6th Route Field Army
  • 7th Route Field Army
  • 8th Route Field Army
  • 9th Route Field Army
  • 10th Route Field Army

Field Mortar Regiment Edit

  • 1st Field Mortar Regiment
  • 2nd Field Mortar Regiment
  • 3rd Field Mortar Regiment
  • 4th Field Mortar Regiment
  • 5th Field Mortar Regiment
  • 6th Field Mortar Regiment
  • 7th Field Mortar Regiment
  • 8th Field Mortar Regiment
  • 9th Field Mortar Regiment
  • 10th Field Mortar Regiment

Regular Division Edit

  • 1st Regular Division
  • 2nd Regular Division
  • 3rd Regular Division
  • 4th Regular Division
  • 5th Regular Division
  • 6th Regular Division
  • 7th Regular Division
  • 8th Regular Division
  • 9th Regular Division
  • 10th Regular Division
  • 11th Regular Division
  • 12th Regular Division
  • 13th Regular Division
  • 14th Regular Division
  • 15th Regular Division
  • 16th Regular Division
  • 17th Regular Division
  • 18th Regular Division
  • 19th Regular Division
  • 20th Regular Division
  • 21st Regular Division
  • 22nd Regular Division
  • 23rd Regular Division
  • 24th Regular Division
  • 25th Regular Division
  • 26th Regular Division
  • 27th Regular Division
  • 28th Regular Division
  • 29th Regular Division
  • 30th Regular Division