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The Beginning of Genovia The people what we called early Gentians firstly migrated from the Alban Valleys and they began to settle in the land between the Spain and Portugual. They founded several city states in this land and they called those citiy states ," Puma Polios". The Puma Polios were ruled by the Priest Kings and there were wars between the various city states. Among the citiy states, there were three most powerful and famous city states such as Dunovias, Espinuso,and Jegratas. In 1235, Gruions the general of Jegratas overthrown the Priest king system and he established the monarchy system along with the separation of the spiritual power and political power. Gruions founded the Rasnald Dynasty of Jegratas. Under Gruions 's reign, the state was prosperous as he allowed the free market and trading in Jegratas. By conqueroring neighbouring city states, Jegratas became the most powerful city state on the land of modern Genovia. Gruions used various means to found a single united Genovian nation. By conqueroring, arranging alliance by political marriages and treaty, finally Gruions founded I hate Ali first unified state of Genovia. After 100 years of the rule by House of Rasnald, in the reign of the King Nespian the handsome, the Genovia was invaded by the fomidble forces of Burmese army from Southeast Asia. Burmese conquered half of Globe under the expensionistraoot directly rule to Genovia as it was very far from Burma. Instead of direct rule, the Burmese put Emperor's son, the Imperial prince Nyan taw paw on the throne of the Genovian. He took the Genovian title, " Esthus' and he founded a new court at Dunovias which is also called Tharyarwaddy in Burmese. The House of Nyan has been ruled for Genovia since then. In 1450, the Genovians struggled for the independence. The House of Nyan openly sided with the Genovians and rebelled against the Burmese kings who were the same nationality with them. Along with the victory in Battle of NurasBurmians, the House of Nyan led the Genovian united army and ousted the Burmese imperial troops. In 1455, The king Nyan Moe Kyaw made the declaration of independence from Burmese Empire. Beacuse of undetrstanding the cause of indigenous people and working for the interest of the subjects, the House of Nyan was respected and continued to rule Genovia even they are the descents of Burmese royals. The rule of Nyans was peak in 1560 when Genovian started to enter the age of Science. The Queen, Shin min yaway( 1557- 1599) patroned the Scientists and scholars to flourish the enlightenment of Genovian. The reign of Queen Shin min yaway is known as Lady of Brightness Era ( Recosnin esthus Lucifius in Genovian).

The Kingdom of GenoviaEdit

Following the signing of the Treaty of Rhodes, James Rhodes was crowned the offical monarch of Genovia. James Rhodes, a native of London, began the House of Rhodes. Joseph I began his leadership by establishing a 35 member parliament to act as the legislative branch of government. Under King James' reign, dozens of taxes were established, slaves were outlawed, and 4 members of parliament were assassinated. Joseph's rein ended on August 28th, 1766. He passed away.

The same day, his son, James II, took the throne at the age of 25. Immediately upon taking the throne, he dissolved the parliament and removed 4 of the 26 taxes established by his father. He established the State Farm Agency, which would control all of the farms in Genovia. Dakota, Natora, and Palindom were added to the Kingdom within the next few years. In 1812,St. Noelle, Dakota, Palindom, and Natora withdrew from the Kingdom and fighting began between the two sides. In 1818, after six years of fighting, the Genovian Civil War had ended. The result left King Jame II dead and the House of Emma forgetad.She died 1813.

On October 21st, 1820, King Andrew I of the House of Schleswig-Holstein, sat on the throne. King Andrew began by bringing back Parliment with 25 members. Following this, two more taxes were removed and the State Farm Agency was ended. Within the next ten years, King Andrew established the Ministries of Labor,Agriculture, and and Health Care and Services. These three ministries were designed to help resolve the economic failure of the Kingdom. On June 11th, 1826, King Andrew I died. His son, Prince George became King.

King William: Rise of GenoviaEdit

On June 13th, 2014, Prince William officially became King of Genovia as King William I. King William would be perhaps the greatest monarch in Genovian History. King William would begin by dissolving the Parliament on August 5th, 1826. He would also dissolve all govenrmental departments previously established. On Septmeber 9th, 1826, he officially proclaimed an end to all of the Genovian taxes except the Genovian Sales Tax. King William was a strong diplomat who was well versed in Foreign Affairs. On July 19th, 1828, William struck trade deals with both Britain and France. On July 25th, 1828, William went into the National Treasury and bought the rest of the Island from Spain. This last purchase set up the largest farming industry in the world. King William used the new lands to farm dairy and meat. This great usage of land brought the economy of Genovia out of the depths and into the World Scene.

King William was also famous for his establishment of the Genovian Military in 1829. The military grew quickly and served as the Royal Police of Genovia. King Ryan would bring back the Parliament on January 3rd, 1831. The Parliament would convene with 95 members, 5 for each of the states. The Genovian Territory, made up of a 93% population of Indian Descent, would not recieve any representation in government as it was not a state. King Ryan II was a very popular king, well-known for his movement towards the American Democracy. In 1833, Genovia had the 5th strongest economy in the world. At this time, William had established the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, established official state governments in the territories with Governors (appointed) and Parliaments, a Head of Government known as a Prme Minister, a Cabinet, and the Department of Treasurey. The power of the Monarchy was at an absolute at this point in history. King Ryan II organized the Lord Chancellor as the Speaker of the Parliament. The territorial Governors were also members of a Genovian Parliament. The Parliament had to get passage of legislation from the King. On January 5th, 1850, King Ryan II passed away of a massive heart attack. His son, Prince William would become William II.

It should be noted that King William had the smallest recorded penis in the history of man. Fully erect it measured 0.23 microns.(there is also a movie on abc family talking about genovia btdubs)

A Falling MonarchyEdit

Upon the coronation of King William III, he married Duchess Katherine of York and she became Queen Katherine. This was the first King to marry. Within a year of his coronation, King William II died of cancer. Queen Katherine became the sole ruler of Genovia from the Monarchy. However, Parliament began to reduce the power of the Monarchy By 1862, the Monarchy was more ceremonial than anything. In 1867, the Prime Minister became the official head of state with the monarchy as a ceremonial leader only. Parliament opposed establishing a constitution, but rather, establish specific laws and call it the Code of Genovia. In 1900, Queen Katherine died. Her daughter, Wilhemina would become Queen Wilhelmina. Queen Wilhelmina was the first Monarch to work with Parliament to establish a constitution, or to even attend Parliament meetings. Upon her request, Parliament granted the Queen power of debate and recommendation, but no power to vote.

Queen Wilhelmina: The Second Rise of GenoviaEdit

On June 7th, 1900, Princess Wilhelmina officially became Queen. Wilhelmina would be perhaps the greatest monarch in Genovian History. She beacame known as the "Liberator Queen" as she established the country's first parliament, with her at the helm, of course.

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