The French Expeditionary Forces to North Genovia (French: Expéditionnaires Forces Françaises du Nord Génovie/EFFNG) was the military contingent of the French Army and French Air Force under the Coalition Military Forces Genovia that fought in the Sercian-Genovian War against the Sercian and Genovian Republic forces. That fought to liberated in Northern and Central Genovia was invaded to retreating Sercian and Genovian Republic forces and it was composed of 56,000 troops and 600 jet fighter and bomber planes was entered them by helping Royal Genovian forces and NRFLSG resistance fighters was the first largest force under the military command of the Coalition forces.

Actions and Operations during Sercian-Genovian War Edit

Since the successfully victories of all Royal Genovian troops and officers are supporting French troops and jet pilots was cleared to accomplished in North Genovia under the Monarchy Principalities was disputed and never captive by all Sercian and Genovian Republican force was withdrew them was come to sound retreat and turned back in South Genovia. When France was signed to declaration of war on Republic of Sercia included North Genovia. The French Contingent forces are composing of all 56,000 troops between French Army and all 600 pilots of the French Air Force was sending operations in Northern Genovia was entered and aiding Royal Genovian troops and pilots has began to liberated.

Units involved Edit

Divisional Combat Team Edit

  • 3rd Divisional Combat Team
  • 5th Divisional Combat Team
  • 8th Divisional Combat Team
  • 12th Divisional Combat Team
  • 15th Divisional Combat Team
  • 17th Divisional Combat Team
  • 23rd Divisional Combat Team
  • 25th Divisional Combat Team
  • 28th Divisional Combat Team
  • 30th Divisional Combat Team

Air Squadron Combat Team Edit

  • 100th Air Squadron Combat Team
  • 156th Air Squadron Combat Team
  • 240th Air Squadron Combat Team
  • 258th Air Squadron Combat Team
  • 320th Air Squadron Combat Team